Improve Your Eyesight Naturally

Improve Your Eyesight Naturally
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In this book, the author offers exercises that are appropriate not only for different types of problems but also for varying degrees of severity. The ideas behind Vision Training are simple and common sense. If you exercise your body you will get healthier. In then same way your body will need a period of retraining if you have been injured or sick. The typical vision problems like myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia etc. are not diseases. They are more like habits of vision. Vision Training is all about how to regain your natural clear vision by doing some simple exercises. It is[Read More]
How to Be a Gardener: Creating a Garden Using Touch, Taste, Smell, Sight & Hearing
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Alan Titchmarsh draws on his vast knowledge and passion for gardening and his many years of experience, to give you a comprehensive guide that explores every aspect of your garden, covering the absolute essentials that every gardener needs to know.
Depression, the way out of your prison
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Depression is the greatest isolation that we can experience. In depression we can neither give nor receive comfort, for we are alone in a prison, and that prison is filled with fear, anger guilt and despair. Dorothy Rowe show how we build such a prison for ourselves; why we can resist all attempts to get us to leave this prison; but if we decide to leave it, there is a route we can follow. Depression provides a radically new approach to the problem. Dorothy Rowe shows how we create our own depression and how, since we created it, we[Read More]

Can You Learn to Be An Extrovert?

Can You Learn to Be An Extrovert?

Can You Learn to Be An Extrovert? Carl Jung said yes you can!

The extrovert learned how to become an extrovert. At one stage, they too were a shy forget-me-not-blue wall-flower, and then they chose to put aside their fear and become an extrovert.  You may have been told by a parent that as a toddler you were not scared or shy, you became this way as you grew up. But even if you were always shy, you can still unlearn and overcome shyness to become an extrovert as an adult.

Extrovert Audio CDs . You can read more and download this instantly at this website: ExtrovertMe

If you shun social situations and company from shyness start to understand that being an introvert is learned behaviour and you can learn to overcome shyness and become an Extrovert. Using a series of simple but potent NLP thought techniques, you can literally "reprogram" your brain - helping to "release" the negative associations and inhibitions you are holding on to in social situations, and drag your inner extrovert out of the closet!

Extrovert Me - Audio Turns Introverts to Extroverts

Extrovert Me works for anyone of any age, anywhere and the effects are permanent. You'll become much happier with your family life. At family gatherings, you will find its easy to step up to a favourite relative and say, "That dinner smells wonderful!" - and you won't be feeling awkward - you'll be going about making everyone else feel totally at ease.

All you need is the ability to sit down and play a few simple "mind games" while listening to these audio CDs - and you'll be amazed at how quickly it helps to overcome your deep "shyness" and let the extrovert reveal itself.

Extroverts are more likely to be successful in their careers, usually earn more than introverts, and are not afraid to ask for promotion. They are more often married or with a girl or guy that they care about and have the support of some close and loyal friends. Learning how to become an extrovert is not only vital for overall happiness, it's an essential investment in your career and your home life. Its about being confident to ask for what you want.

The Extrovert ME! course uses the powerful, proven principles of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help reshape thought patterns, and turn introverted behaviour into extroverted behaviour. It's an audio program that can help to turn you into one of the warm, glowing individuals that puts everyone at ease.

Think about a person you know who is the very definition of an extrovert.
Well, here's a fact: They were NOT born an extrovert!

The famous psychologist, Carl Jung defined the terms "Extrovert" and "Introvert" and wrote a great deal about how it was possible for an introvert to overcome their shyness and become an extrovert.

Bradley Thompson, Self-Development Author teaming up with world-leading, certified NLP practitioner, Christine Golden to create Extrovert as an audio CD course. You won't have to sift through Jungs psycho babble for kernals of wisdom you are not sure how to use, Extrovert gets right to the point. No reading and specific information to this one topic.

If you're the type of person who hides away in the corner... avoids social confrontation... can't stand being the center of attention (but would love to have the chance!)... and is SCARED TO DEATH at the thought of standing up and speaking in front of a crowd of people... Extrovert can turn you into the most confident person in the room!

The reason you're shy and introverted isn't because you're any less friendly, intelligent, funny or charismatic than anyone else. Many confident people aren't especially smart or charismatic... it is simply that they just don't fear what other people think of them.

As a child, you were encouraged to be quiet as a mouse , to speak when spoken to, to not say anything unless it was intelligent, to not show off etc . As a grown-up, this "learned" behaviour is like a damp fog over your self confidence...  It is no longer relevant to you...  It's time to shrug it off!

The good news is, you can completely remove this conditioning that has no further value in your adult life... in mere minutes. It  requires zero practice, and works  effortlessly even if you don't think it will.

Extrovert Me has already helped hundreds of people overcome shyness and improve their confidence after access to this. This powerful audio self hypnosis CD  targets your negative ego, and re-programs your mind to immediately enjoy greater confidence.

You can read more  at: Extrovert Audio CDS


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Can You Learn As You Sleep?

Can You Learn As You Sleep?

Can you learn as you sleep? Can you improve your life, using Sleep programming hypnosis CDs by playing them just while you are asleep?

Visit The Website Learn While You Sleep

This is self improvement at it's simplest. The answer is of course, yes - you can learn as you sleep and improve your life AND get some use out of those 8 hours of sleep,  other than just rest.  But don't worry that you won't be refreshed, your mind is perfectly capable of ensuring it gets the deep sleep you require.

Sleep Programming can replace years of hypnosis in just a couple of weeks and you don't have to book it in or reschedule something else to do it.

By converting your eight hours of sleep into a relaxing, enjoyable learning hypnosis session, each audio recording will begin reprogramming your inner thoughts - changing your life from the inside, starting on the very first night you listen to the CDs while you are asleep.

Every night you put one of the sleep programming recordings on repeat, you're continuously improving the skills and habits related to that CD – as you sleep, without any effort whatsoever, boosting your abilities beyond anything you can currently imagine.

These are the most advanced Sleep Programming recordings ever recorded.

Learn To Think Hyper Fast While You Are Asleep

Learn To Think Hyper Fast While You Are Asleep

Improve Your Ability To Learn While You Are Asleep

Improve Your Ability To Learn While You Are Asleep

And they're so easy to use. Simply play the CD on repeat as you fall asleep. If you sleep with a partner, use mini headphones so they are not disturbed.
The words will take you into a deep slumber, then send commands direct to your mind – reprogramming your thoughts at the deepest possible level, as you sleep. These advanced mind programming scripts incorporate visualization, hypnotic language and NLP direct commands.

Your mind will always be in a receptive state for the learning, thanks to the binaural beat brainwave audio technology used on each CD. This is very hypnotic, and works with or without headphones helping you to learn as you sleep. Each recording also contains specially composed music from world-leading producer, Max Andronov. Lie back and allow your mind to get absorbed and float away on the sounds.

Encourage Your Self To Lose Weight While You Sleep

Encourage Your Self To Lose Weight While You Sleep

Each CD of the official Sleep Programming CDs range focuses on a separate topic such as weight loss, confidence, motivation and business success.

Sleep Programming consists of 16 powerful recordings, each lasting around 60 minutes in length, available only as this one bumper-sized package including everything you need to get started.

Can you learn as you sleep?

The Sleep Programming CDs money back guarantee encourages you to try out the entire Sleep Programming CD range for a full year, absolutely risk free. So why not find out for yourself?


Increase Your Motivation While You Are Asleep

Increase Your Motivation While You Are Asleep

The entire Sleep Programming range is exclusive to their website! You cannot purchase these CDs anywhere else. They're not available in stores, nor online via any other retailer.

Purchase as physical audio CDs delivered to your door or get instant access with the Downloadable version.

Increase Your Self Confidence While You Sleep

Increase Your Self Confidence While You Sleep

Tips: Audios are large files, and these CDS are approx 16 hours long - so if your internet connection has limits, go for the posted option.

You still have instant access to the download to get started with your first preferred CD but won't have to sit at the computer for a day or two downloading all 16 CDs, checking they work and burning them to CDs for use.

Adding a CD to an ipod or mp3 player makes it easy to listen to these CDs while asleep without disturbing a partner.

To Learn More Visit The Website Learn While You Sleep

Kindle Book Reader

Choose The Kindle Book Reader

I first started to read about the kindle book reader and other digital book readers about ten years ago and as a bookseller it was with some concern as to how it would affect sales in our bookshop. Probably the first customer reaction to digital book delivery here in Australia was when Steven King serialized a novel online and we had to tell customers this was the only way they could get it.

The writing was on the wall - but in Australia, it appears that it's only just starting to come into focus. This year the company that owned Angus and Robertson has, some time after the unfortunate purchase of the Australian branch of the Borders shops, gone into receivership.

Newspaper articles have blamed this on the public changing their book buying habits to getting a kindle book reader or other digital reader and downloading digital books. Also to their increasing awareness of the possibility of buying cheaper books online.

Now with physical books requiring posting and therefore incurring postage costs, I have not found that buying an american book saves me much even if the book itself is cheaper, and although buying several books should make a difference, often its very tricky to be able to ensure that the purchase of several different books are all shipped together with one postage cost.

Amazon Kindle PDF

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Digital books are however a different story. No physical book storage with in/out of stock problems or postage costs, no waiting for book delivery - instant digital download with an internet connection, half or even less the cost of a new physical book and no waiting while the Australian publisher releases within their optimum marketing schedule which may differ from overseas releases.

Now the drawbacks of digital readers have been many in the past. Digital readers needed battery power to run them, kindles had shiny screens which tired the eyes and the screen was not good for outdoor reading due to glare. The digital format itself was also an issue, as digital book reader makers scrambled to retain their rights to new books by limiting views by the electronic reader and its format.

The copyright issue will always be an issue so choosing your first digital book reader is still a tricky question. The Sony book reader is extremely popular but my pick is the Kindle digital book reader. Amazon have been at the forefront of technology change since they began creating their online bookselling website.

Those articles I read ten years ago about readers were alongside constant other negative articles that stated pompously that Amazon would never pull off the type of database website they appeared to be aiming for, were mad to even try and would be in receivership within a year. Well look what they did!

Now look what they've done to their kindle book reader. One charge of the battery and you'll be able to read non stop for 10 days. A new type of soft screen that looks like paper and isn't affected by glare. Storage of 3,500 books ( makes you think of those stories Grandma tells of one computer taking up a whole room - her grandchildren will be calling their kindle a library and maybe her great grandchildren will relate libraries to museums!)

So the digital book reader I recommend without hesitation and when you read other customer reviews below you'll know why is Amazons kindle book reader - version 3. All that's left is to choose the size, the 6 inch is suitable for most people and the larger size is best used at a desk.

Kindle Keyboard 3G, Free 3G + Wi-Fi, 6
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The all-new Kindle has a new electronic-ink screen with 50 percent better contrast than any other e-reader, a new sleek design with a 21 percent smaller body while still keeping the same 6-inch-size reading area, and a 15 percent lighter weight at just 8.7 ounces. The new Kindle also offers 20 percent faster page turns, up to one month of battery life, double the storage to 3,500 books, built-in Wi-Fi, a graphite color option and more—all for only $189, and still with free 3G wireless—no monthly bills or annual contracts.
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